The Deferred Life Plan…it doesn’t work

happy-stick-girl"What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up Like a raisin in the sun? Or does it explode?"

~ Langston Hughes

I was having supper with a friend (my best friend) last night, it was an enjoyable time of catching up with each other and enjoying each other’s company. We have always been able to have some pretty honest and frank conversations. The time spent together is always very engaging.

During our conversation it came up that my friend was in the middle of organizing all of the materials that she uses for her favorite thing in life…making leather handbags. She has a lot of materials, and so she felt the need to organize, and has been working at that. Last night she mentioned that she wishes that it was all done so that she could get back to the creativity of her craft.

I asked her why she didn’t just go ahead and do the creative part…leave the materials unorganized. It is the making that makes her happy…and why shouldn’t she be happy?

She stopped, thought for a moment, and then said, “Thank you!” It was like I had given her permission to enjoy life. Of course, she didn’t need my permission, but she was following what she had been taught as she grew up…what most of us have been taught…and what we are teaching our children…the deferred life plan.

We discussed the concept for a while. We brought up that we were raised to have to go out and do our part for the world before we can ever take the time to do things that make us happy. We have been taught that you work hard and then you can enjoy.

Well, I’m here to tell you, that this isn’t necessary. There is no reason that we can’t do what makes us happy…right now…each and every day. Sure, some people may frown upon this…after all…you didn’t earn the right…but is happiness something that we need to earn? I think not.

During our conversation I mentioned that we get disgruntled with the “kids these days” because they are all about instant gratification…they want the good things now…they don’t want to have to wait for half a lifetime to have them…we feel that this is not how it should be done…why? Because that is what we were taught. That is what we believe. But, I feel that the kids might be on to something.

Why wait to be happy. Our world would be a much better place if the people in it are happy. I feel that we would be kinder, more generous with our time and our material possessions…not to say anything about the spiritual growth that would come out of such a society.

So, I challenge you to put the deferred life plan on hold…defer it, if you will. Start doing some things each and every day that will make you happy. Don’t worry about if you earned it or not. Don’t worry about what others will think…be happy with what you are doing. I realize that you can’t do this with everything…not all in one foul swoop, but try a little each day…and a little more tomorrow…and a little more the day after…and a little…well, you get the picture.

Are you living a deferred life? Are you willing to change? Leave a comment and let the community know what you feel about this…and let us know if you are taking up the challenge…and how it’s going. We’re listening!





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