The Discomfort Zone



“If we are not a little bit uncomfortable every day, we’re not growing. All the good stuff is outside our comfort zone.”

~ Jack Canfield

Trying something new brings with it fear and doubt. This is natural, but it does not mean you should never try something new. Fear and doubt are feelings that you interpret with your mind as deterrents to new experiences. Fear rarely proves to be real, and when it is, it becomes so merely because you truly expect it to.

Think of the feeling of fear and doubt as a feeling of excitement instead. What new things will you experience as a result of pushing through the uncomfortable bit? What amazing experiences and wonderful circumstances will present themselves to you on the other side of discomfort? We have no way of knowing, but can find out if we are willing to experience the discomfort without retreating, instead, pushing through.

Growth comes from new experiences. Don’t let a little bit of discomfort stunt your growth.


What will you do today that is outside your comfort zone? Once you do it, make sure you take note of the good things that come your way.




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