The Dream Inspires the Action

Dreams and Goals


“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.”

~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

We all spend time performing tasks. That is just a part of being alive. Sometimes we do things without a thought about why we are doing them. Sometimes we act because another has asked or required us to take action. Sometimes we spend time undertaking actions that deliberately bring us closer to our dreams.

There is nobody better to take action on our dreams than ourselves. We are the ones that have the vision, and no matter how much effort we put into communicating that vision, nobody else will ever truly see it the same way. Our desire to bring our dreams about is magical. There is something that happens within us and we are drawn toward the best action to move us forward. Trust that inspiration, for it is your guide. The more you trust in it, the more inspired actions will occur to you and you will soon find yourself racing toward your dream at a pace you could not have previously imagined.


Is what you are doing today moving you toward your dream? What do you feel inspired to do?




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