The Law of Attraction

Spiritual"I'm into the law of attraction and quantum physics. Like cosmic ordering. It's all about thinking lovely things that you would like in life, and feeling good about them before they manifest, so that by the time they do, you don't want them because you're on to your next desire."

~ Julia Sawalha

It actually pains me a bit to use the title "The Law of Attraction" for anything. There has been so much hype about this universal law over the past several years, and there are a lot of misconceptions arouind the topic...most propagated by websites selling a "Law of Attraction Course" or a "Law of Attraction How-To Book," or some other product aimed at "teaching" you how to get the Law of Attraction working in your life.

I have some news for you, at least for those of you that think you need instruction for getting the law of attraction working in your is already working! You see, the law of attraction, being a Universal Law, is always ever moment of every day...for everyone. The law of attraction is never switched is always working...and it works perfectly all of the time.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction can be boiled down to say, "Like attracts like." Everything has a vibrational frequency, and things of the same, or very similar, frequency are attracted to each other. What this means for you is that what you put out in your vibration (your thoughts and feelings) is what you will get in your life. Positive thoughts and feelings attract positive things...negative thoughts and feelings attract negative things.

I do want to point out here that there really is no "positive" and "negative" in our Universe. There just "is", but our perspective, and thus our judgement, is what we determine positive and negative from. We all have preferences and it is these preferences that determine what we feel is positive or negative.

Over the years I have heard many different things about the Law of Attraction. If I were to take them all at face value, then I would be very confused, because I have been told many conflicting things about this concept.

It is really quite simple

There is nothing more simple than the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. No tricks. No smoke and mirrors, and certainly no “secret.” We all came into this world quite aware of how this Universal law works, we call came here expecting to remember and use the law to do exactly what we came here to do…to expand the Universe…and that is exactly what we are doing.

We came here to experience certain things. We came to live in a way that has never been lived before, not in exactly how we are living. So, we are accomplishing our purpose of expansion of the Universe. We have preferences, we have biases, we have beliefs, and it is these that determine what is brought to us. We set our vibration according to what we believe, and we get exactly that in our lives. Whether we deem it good or bad is up to us…what we believe is up to us. We are in control, although many…no, most, of us are attracting our lives by default…we are not doing it consciously.

Some Myths

I have been told that what we think about is what we attract…this is true. But it has been put to me that we must watch the words that we think…that we say…for if you don’t use exactly the right words, you will get something quite different than you want. This is the part I don’t believe. What attracts people, things, circumstances, and events into our lives is the vibration of what we think about…not the words. The vibration is indicated by the emotions that are attached to our thoughts…by how we truly feel about what we think about.

I have also been told that if we want something, say a big pile of money, that all we need to do is think about it and it will appear. I feel this is wrong on a couple of counts. First, although I am sure it is possible to manifest a huge pile of money from thin air, it is unlikely to be the way that anything comes to us. If we don’t truly believe that something is possible, then we cannot experience it. Second, the way that things are most likely to come into our lives is through inspire action. Inspired action can come from anywhere, but often, it is just the next logical step in a long line of steps.

One final myth, at least in my mind, is that, although we might desire something more in our lives, we most likely don’t want instant manifestation of that thing. We want to experience the receiving of it…usually through the way it comes into our lives. We want to experience the journey…it is not really the outcome we are after, but the experience. If we had instant manifestations, this would take all of the reason for the journey away…there would be no point in living.

Taking Action

My suggestion to you is to forget all about the law of attraction as a method of “instant manifestation.” Why pursue something that you don’t truly want? I suggest that you take a look at your preferences and get very clear about what you want your life to be about…what and who you’d like to have in your life, and spend some time each day truly feeling what that life would be like. You’ll end up taking those inspired actions, and sooner than you currently believe, you will be moving toward what you truly want.

Stop spending time in wishful thinking about the “magic” law of attraction. It is always working exactly as intended. Get out there and live your life. Live it in such a way that it is a life of personal significance. You don’t truly want the “easy way.”

Let the community know what you think about this subject. I’m sure there will be lots of opinions that differ from mine…and I welcome that. Leave a comment below…we’re listening.




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