The Next Logical Step



“The mark of a good action is that it appears inevitable in retrospect.”

~ Robert Louis Stevenson

When you accomplish a big dream or a burning desire, do you think it will happen in a quantum leap? Although it is possible, it is most unlikely. What you will find is that the desire is accomplished with the next logical step. By the time you get there the completion of the goal or dream will seem like the next logical step. You will have built a foundation in small increments as you progressed on your journey, now it is just one more step.

We will often not even notice when we reach our big goal. There is rarely a finish line for us to cross. It is quite conceivable, even predictable that we will not even know we have reached our goal until it is long past and we are looking back. We continuously modify and stretch our goals. What we want today is much more than what we wanted yesterday, and it is just the logical extension of moving in the direction that we have set for ourselves. Don’t be surprised if you find that you will reach that old goal as just another step on your way to your new goal.


Are you continuously expanding and redirecting your dreams? Take a reflective look back in your life a few years. Have you accomplished some of your goals from back then without realizing it?




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