The only limits to what YOU can accomplish are those you place on YOURSELF

Eagle"If I were to tell you that your life is already perfect, whole, and complete just as it is, you would think I was crazy. Nobody believes his or her life is perfect. And yet there is something within each of us that basically knows we are boundless, limitless."

~ Joko Beck

You are limitless…EXCEPT…

I realize that the line above makes absolutely no sense. By definition, there cannot be an exception to limitlessness. However, it is the exception that is important here. You ARE limitless. Let’s get that clear right now. There are no exceptions to this. You are limitless.

I could stop right here, and my message would be clearly stated. Mission accomplished. However, I want to add something to this message that is just as important, if not more important, for you to hear.

There is literally nothing you can’t accomplish. We all limit ourselves because we have been taught that there are limits by others who we respect, by others who have influenced our lives. Your limits are contained within your beliefs. You can change your beliefs, and so, you can change your limits. Make this your goal…get rid of limiting beliefs, or at least expand the beliefs, and keep expanding them until they include as much of possibility as you can muster…then start working on including impossibility.

There ARE limits to what you can accomplish. Those limits are the ones that you place on yourself. You are in charge of the self-imposed limits, and you can control them with conscious effort whenever you choose. These limits are your beliefs…your beliefs in how the world and the Universe work…your beliefs in what is possible.

Your beliefs come about from your experience, your interaction with others, and many of them are adopted from those you respect, admire, or accept as authorities in your life. From the time you are born, you begin adopting your beliefs. They come from many sources, and often we are unaware that they are being impressed upon us. The fact remains, however, that you have a system of beliefs, however they were acquired, and you will experience life within the confines of those beliefs.

I am not saying that beliefs cannot be changed. What I am saying is that you will most likely not change your beliefs unless you are given a good reason to. Large changes in beliefs are hard to accept, but small shifts are more easily adopted by you, and a series of small changes in your beliefs can make for a large shift over time. It is much easier to go from believing something is impossible to believing it is improbable, then to probable, and finally to inevitable, than it is to go from believing something is impossible to believing it is inevitable.

There really are no limits to what is possible. But you will continue to be limited by your beliefs for as long as you hold them. Don’t despair. There is nothing wrong. Your beliefs will aid you in experiencing what you came here to experience.

We are unlimited beings. A part of us comes to this physical world to experience the contrast, make decisions, change things, and expand the Universe…only a part. We are all one, and we are all the Universe. The Universe is unlimited, and thus we are unlimited.

Your beliefs are your choice. Your limits are your choice. Choose to keep believing in the limits, and they will remain as limits. Choose to expand your thinking and beliefs beyond those limits, and you will find yourself living a life that you couldn’t even conceive of from the perspective of your old limiting beliefs.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you plan to do with your unlimited self? How will you work on changing your beliefs? What does life have in store for you now?

No limits! What will you do with that?





The only limits to what YOU can accomplish are those you place on YOURSELF — 4 Comments

    • Hey Robert, I’m glad you liked the post. I find this concept easy to grasp, but so difficult to keep at the forefront of my mind.

      I hope you continue to expand yourself and your limits. I admire you for taking on race-walking…it looks so difficult. All the best in the future…in all areas of your life!

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