The Quick Fix

"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it."

~ Greg Anderson

My email inbox, my twitter direct messages, and my Internet browsing all seem to be filling up with the same thing these days…the “Quick Fix.” It has me confused.

Double your income in 30 days! Find your perfect relationship in only 7 days! Become a millionaire in 17 minutes or less. Come on people…what’s up with this quick fix thing?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want all of my dreams and goals to manifest instantly. I don’t want my life to be perfect…not just yet. I know that sounds strange to most of you, so let me explain.

This is the stuff that life is made of

JourneyI am here to experience life. I am here to travel through my journey. My dreams and goals are not my destination, but rather, my reason to undertake the journey in the first place. It is the adventure, the striving, the disappointment at something not working out as I expect, and the exhilaration of accomplishing something that I set out to do. This is the stuff that life is made of…

If I had everything I wanted, there would really be no reason to continue living…for my life would be empty of the universal call for expansion. When there is nothing left to strive for, life is complete, and so, might as well end.

It is for this very reason that as we reach each new place in our lives…as we achieve each goal or dream, we immediately set our sights on a new one. So what’s the rush? Do you feel that you are here to mark things off a list? Is your life a race to see how much you can accomplish, no matter if you enjoy the process or not? Well, my life is not like that.

I am happy where I am…and I am continually expanding into something more than I have been before. My expansion will happen without having everything I ever wanted in my life…for the not having is the driving force. I am in no hurry. Why should I be?

I don’t know where this idea of instant manifestation, instant gratification came from. I find myself repulsed by the idea. Of course I have dreams and goals, many of which would seem so grandiose to most of you that you would call them impossible. Perhaps, if you choose to see it that way. But I know that if I continue to strive for my goals, to keep the end result in mind, the Universe will continue to line things up for me…in the perfect timing…so that I will see progress. Progress is all I ask for.

I encourage you to reflect a bit on your life. Take a look at the things you want, and ask yourself (and be honest with yourself when you answer), “why am I in a hurry to make this happen?”

Take your time. Enjoy the journey as it unfolds. Stop pursuing the quick fix. Life is not a race. You are in the perfect place for all you desire to come to be. You are right where you planned to be, so stop worrying about having everything right now. Enjoy where you are…it is enough…and you are enough.

Tell me what you think

Let me know what you think about this. Are you in a hurry? Maybe you can give me a good reason to be in a hurry…I’m listening. Leave a comment. I’m sure the community will value your input.


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