The Universal Twist

Life Path“There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk.”

~ Guy Gavriel Kay

Have you ever come into circumstances and events in your life that seem so far off base from the other things happening at the time that you can't figure out where it this comes from, or what it has to do with your life? Most of us have experienced these's nothing unusual...but it is actually something quite amazing, if you look at it from a certain perspective.

We come to this physical plane to experience life and through that experience, we expand the Universe. Each time we desire something, each time we decide we want something in our lives to be different, the Universe says, "Yes," and arranges the people, circumstances, and events necessary to bring your thought...your desire...into the physical realm. This is really quite amazing, considering how often each of us changes our minds. Each of us is constantly looking for something more, something different in our lives.

Not only is the Universe responding to your thoughts and desires, but it is responding to everyone's thoughts and desires. Each time we change our mind. Each time we choose not to take the path that the Universe has laid out for us, each time we have a new desire, the Universe rearranges itself to accommodate the changes we have made.

And so, it really shouldn't surprise us that every once in a while we find something come into our lives that doesn't seem to fit. Perhaps it is something that had been arranged and is no longer necessary, but it doesn't hurt the "plan" to leave it in there. Perhaps it is something that is will not change your path, but it is necessary for somebody else's desire. There are an infinite way that things might happen, and thus there is an infinite number of paths that you might take.

When one of these little surprises comes you way, instead of wondering where it came from and passing it off, I encourage you to take a moment and revel in the delight of this surprise. Take a bit of time to reflect on how important each little thing is to somebody's life. While you reflect, make sure that you feel some appreciation for our infinite Universe. Be happy that our thoughts direct the creation and expansion of the Universe. Feel alive and excited that you are a part of a greater whole, which ensures that each of us gets exactly what we have chosen to attract to our lives – whether we chose consciously or not.

The Universe will continue to surprise us. We will keep getting what we are thinking about. The fun part is leaving "how" it comes to us up to the Universe. This will keep your life filled with exciting and delightful twists.

Embrace the Universal twist. Allow the Universe to bring your desires to you in the best way possible, and in the most delightful manner.

Have you experienced the Universal twist? Do you enjoy them, or do you just pass them off as something unexpected and keep moving on? Do you stop to appreciate the workings of the Universe? Leave a comment and let the community know about the twists you have experienced. We're listening.




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