There are NO Accidents

no-accidents“There are no accidents... there is only some purpose that we haven't yet understood.”

~ Deepak Chopra

What if I told you that there are never any accidents? What if I told you the absolutely everything that you experience happens to move your life in the direction that you have chosen? Of course, your choice may not be a conscious one, but what you are experiencing is supporting your choices – always.

Would you believe me?

I am serious. There are no accidents – no exceptions. Nothing that happens in this world is a result of fluke or happenstance. Nothing happens that has not been chosen, and if you are experiencing it, then you have attracted it into your life. Otherwise, it would not appear in your life. It may still happen, but you would not be aware of it; it would not be a part of your experience.

I know you think I’m crazy. That’s okay…it is a common opinion these days. But I am absolutely serious. I truly believe that there are no accidents.

“But,” you say, “what about natural disasters? What about the poverty and squalor in the world? If we all choose things that happen to us, why would anyone choose these things?”

These are natural questions. Of course, they need to be addressed. Before I give you my answer to these, I ask you to put aside your current beliefs and keep an open mind. Carefully consider what I am about to say about these questions, because it is important that you remain open if you are even to consider accepting what I have to say.

We come to this world for one purpose, and that is to experience life, in all of its contrast, and through that experience, to expand the Universe. All experience is exactly that – experience. From our limited perspectives, we place judgements on these experiences. That’s right, we judge. I don’t care who you are, you are constantly judging the things you become aware of. We judge them as good or bad. We judge them as pleasant or unpleasant. We judge them as desirable or undesirable. Of course, there is a continuum between the extremes, and we can place the experience anywhere along the continuum, but we do judge.

Now consider that each of us is unique. We all have different perspectives, and so, we all judge what we see and experience happening in the world from a different place. What may be desirable to you, may be completely undesirable to another. None of us are the same. We learn many of our preferences and perspectives from those around us, often blindly accepting what we are told. Sometimes we might disagree, and then we are labeled as different. Being different is accepted to a degree in our society, but if you are too different, people start to think you odd, and they either try to change you or they avoid you. In our society we don’t want to be the odd man out, so we adjust some of our preferences, and we try to fit in.

What I am trying to say is, what is “good” or “bad” to us, might be totally the opposite for somebody else.

Another reason that we might see “undesirable” things happening in the world is to inspire you. That’s right, the “bad” in the world is inspiring. It inspires within you the desire to change things. That desire will lead to action to make the situation better – and in such a way that would never have come about without the “undesirable” experience.

You came here to experience life and expand the Universe. You can’t get that wrong. You have your preferences, and those will guide your life. You have your passions, and those will lead you to your purpose in this life. But no matter what happens, none of it is by accident. It is all part of the brilliant, constantly adapting, master plan that is the dance of our lives. Each decision, each thought, changes the course of our lives and makes more possible. With those changes comes a shift in everything so that it all aligns. The Universe is infinitely intelligent and it will adapt to meet the thoughts of every single one of us – always.

There are NO accidents.

I know it is hard to accept, but try. If you can accept the responsibility for every part of your life – as you change it through your thoughts and deeds, you will find yourself much more at peace, much happier. It is your life, you create it.

Can you believe that you have control over every aspect of your life? Can you accept that there are no accidents, that all happens for a reason? Leave a comment and let the community know how this idea might change the way you approach life. We’re listening.





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