There’s Always Another Desire

Another Desire“There is always Something More than what we see,
There is always Something Within for us to find,
And there is always Something Beyond the here and now.”

~ Lena Karynn Tesla

A part of everyday living is to continuously expand what we desire in our lives. At any given time, we can pinpoint the things that we desire, whether they be far-fetched dreams, or something that is just around the corner for us, we know what we are looking for.

We determine our desires through living. We experience life and we find things that we like – and we desire more things like that – or even better things. We experience life and we find things that we don’t like – and this gives us an indication of what we do like, and we desire some, or more of those things.

As human beings, this is our function, to experience life and develop desire for more. It is in this manner that we expand the Universe. It is in this manner that we become the creators of the world, and all that it contains.

So what happens when we reach our dreams and desires? First of all, we often don’t notice that we are there. As we move toward our desire, we take inspired action that almost always seems like the next logical step. What seems farfetched to us now will seem like something quite normal to us by the time we get near it. As a matter of fact, we often won’t remember that it was ever just a dream of ours because of this, and because, as we have progressed, we have developed new dreams and desire that could not have ever occurred to us from our former, limited perspective.

Our lives continue in this pattern. We are in a constant state of desire. We can never get it done, because there is always something more…something beyond. This is actually a very good thing because it is what keeps us interested in living. It is what keeps us moving forward.

Sometimes (most times for me) we put a lot of stress on ourselves to get something accomplished or to achieve a dream, or realize a desire. It becomes very important to our lives and we let it be one of the ways that we judge ourselves and our success. Sometimes we let it become so important that we lose perspective on how it will affect our lives.

The fact that there will always be another desire, that we will always want something more, should give us an indication of how important (or unimportant) a particular dream or desire is. Yes, it moves us forward. Yes, it motivates us. But keep in mind that any one desire is not the be all and end all of our existence. Put things in perspective. If for some reason your desire doesn’t manifest, then it is not in your best interest…or you have moved beyond it, and something even better is coming to you.

If you don’t reach one of your dreams or goals, if you feel that a desire isn’t manifesting, don’t worry…there will always be another desire. It will never end until you decide to leave this physical plane.

Keep moving forward. Keep expanding who you are. Keep dreaming. Keep manifesting. This is what you are here to do.

How do you feel about your desires? Do you find that you seldom notice when you have reached a point that once was only a far-fetched dream? Do you agree that there is always another desire? Leave a comment and let us know how you feel about this. We’re listening.




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