Water Under the Bridge

Bridge to Tomorrow and Beyond"Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over."

~ Guy Finley

What are the things that have happened in your life that bother you? What are the things from your past that drive you nuts? What are the things you wish you could change? What are the things that you wish you had never done?

We all have these types of things in our lives. We all need these things so that we can learn, grow, and expand our lives. It is a part of living, but, most of us let these things bother us and continue to be in our awareness.

I suggest to you that it is time to let the past go.

Let’s be honest. No matter how much you wish for things to be different, no matter how much you wish that you had never experienced something, no matter what regrets you have from your past, we can’t go back and change things. The best that we can do is to learn from our experience…and move on.

When we keep thinking about these past situations or events, we keep them active in our mind and our vibrations. Although they are in the past, they are affecting our present – and ultimately our future. As we keep the thoughts active, it is these thoughts that are attracting our future life situation.

We need to let the disappointments and regrets go. They are water under the bridge. They cannot be changed, so we need to stop letting them affect our lives now, and in the future.

This is easier said than done. I know that it is difficult to let go. I have no concrete suggestions for methods that work for a wide spread audience. I only know what works for me, and that is to just keep thinking about the future, and stop worrying about what happened in the past. One thing that I do is to try to gain a different perspective on things. I stop to think about where I will be if I move forward from where I am…and then I try to think about where I would be if I went back to the past, and moved forward from there. I always find that I will be much further ahead if I start from now, rather than starting from the past.

Our past has had a large influence on our present life. It has shaped and moulded us. It has made us into who we are…and you know something…I like who I am. Most people will admit that they want to be more or different than they are now, and that is fine. We can always work toward being different, be we also must accept ourselves as we are right now. Being comfortable with who you are goes a long way to letting the past go.

Other than lessons that can be learned, and the effect on who we are, the past serves no purpose. These effects are already in place, so it is time, right now, to let go.

The benefits to letting go are twofold. Firstly, the past will no longer continue to negatively affect our present and our future. Secondly, we will feel better. Letting go will lighten the load that we carry with us in our lives. We will be free to experience the present in all its glory, without it being dragged down by the past. Let go, and reap the benefits.

Do you feel you can let go? Are you willing to learn, and move on? Or will you let the past continue to affect your present and your future? Can you believe that the past is water under the bridge? Leave a comment and let the community know how you will approach your past. We’re listening.




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