What others are saying about: Change

Twitter_Hash_changeIt's once again time for another Twitter Roundup. Today we'll look at what others are saying about #change.

Change can be difficult. We all know that it is necessary if things are to be different than they are now. We tend to resist change, even though we want things to change. I believe this comes from the fact that change is usually challenging.

One of the things that I have noticed is that people want change...but they don't want to change. Changing ourselves take work.

Okay, enough of what I think. This is a post about what others are saying about change, so, let's go...

#### Change ####


Well, there you have it. What others are saying about change.

I hope you have found these tweets as inspiring as I do. I hope they give you the courage to begin to change the things in your life you want to be different.

Let the community know what you think. Let us know if there is something that we missed. Let us know if you have a different perspective on change. Leave a comment. We're listening.



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