What others are saying about: Inspiration

Twitter_Hash_inspirationAs we roll into 2016, I have decided to do some different things with this blog. One of the first things you may notice is that I am now posting 3 times per week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) as opposed to the twice per week it has been since July of 2015.

Secondly, I am going to change up the types of posts. Rather than you just reading my thoughts on a certain subject, I have decided to, occasionally, bring in some of what others are saying about a certain topic.

Today I will approach this by bringing in Tweets from various Twitter accounts that are hanging out there on the web. I decided, today, to see what people are saying about "Inspiration."

Have some fun exploring this. Click the links, read the posts, watch the videos...this is all good stuff here!


##### INSPIRATION #####





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