What’s Holding You Back?



“IPut blinders on those things that conspire to hold you back, especially the ones in your own head.”

~ Meryl Streep

As you make your way forward, you will encounter many things that seem to be in your way. There are many things that seem to hold back your progress. These obstacles are often merely blocks we have put up within our own minds. They are often not real, but imagined.

Obstacles are often used as excuses for stopping along our path. We use them as reasons why we can’t accomplish our goal. They are convenient scapegoats for our giving up. Upon examination of how real these things are, we will notice that many of them do not really exist at all. They are merely things we have convinced ourselves are stopping us. Any obstacle can be overcome.  We can work through it, go over it, or around it. Keep your eyes on the goal and you will find you barely see the obstacles. The desire will guide you past them with little need to even acknowledge them.


What is holding you back? Is it real or is it merely in your mind? Will you go through it, over it, or around it?




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