What’s Your Hurry?

"You can't live for a moment that may not happen. You need to live in the moment."

~ Jake Roberts

Our society has gone mad! Somewhere along the way we have become a mass of people who are always in a rush to get anywhere, to do anything, or to accomplish something. How did it get to be this way?

We are in such a hurry for everything that I feel we are missing out on something very important…life! We are in such a hurry that we don’t take the time to savour the journey…the accomplishing, the getting there…and when we do get there, we don’t take the time to savour the culmination of our efforts before we are rushing off to accomplish the next thing, or get to the next place.

I see this everywhere. Our illogical need to do, be, and have more is driving us at a frenzied pace to operate in our society in a merely mechanical manner, never allowing ourselves the shear joy of the accomplishment…never savoring our lives and the amazing things that it brings to us.

I see this as a sad state of affairs. Why are we driven like this? Do we think that doing, being, and having more will make us happy? If so, I have some bad news for all of us…it won’t. None of this will make us happy. As a matter of fact, our approach to life is actually something that makes us unhappy. We always see that there is more out there, and so we are driven to get more, never taking the time to appreciate the having and achieving of what we have done. With more out there, how can we be happy with merely what we have?

I feel that if we don’t do something about our constant hurrying, we are going to self destruct. The stress will start to kill us. The disappointment in our lives and ourselves will be enough to drive us insane. We will never be happy, so why try at all?

My thoughts…slow down. Be happy with what you have (I am not against striving for more, but let’s not get so wound up about it)…Enjoy life and all it has to offer. Learn to meditate. Spend some time (a lot of time) enjoying nature…unplug from the digital world once in a while. Enjoy the journey…and be satisfied for a while when you reach your destination.

Everything is happening for a reason. Everything is perfect…don’t stress about making it more perfect. Listen to the music of your life…get a sense of its natural rhythm…and dance the dance.

Do you feel that you need to keep chasing better things…at a frantic pace, or do you feel that slowing down might actually help you to enjoy your life more? Let the community know what you think. We’re listening.





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