Where Do I Stand On: Perfection

Perfect"Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."

~ Salvador Dali


I am a recovering perfectionist. I have always wanted things to be perfect. It is almost like a sickness.

I have, many times, spent hours perfecting something…making minor adjustments that only I would see or realize that they had even happened. I got far less accomplished than I could have…but, hey, it was perfect…or as close to perfect as I could ever come.

At some point…I don’t even remember when…I realized that I was using perfection as an excuse. It was my excuse to procrastinate (I couldn’t start that new project until this one was done), and I used perfection as an excuse to not finish something (it’s not perfect, so I can call it done…and I can’t get it perfect, so I will just leave it.)

It was at this point that I realized that sometimes good enough is good enough. Let things be as they are and move on. Once I decided that, I became more productive, I would try more things, and I became a happier person.

In our society, many people use perfection as an excuse not to pursue something. I won’t be able to do it perfectly, so there is no sense in trying. It is sad, and I know, because I was one of these people.

We also tend to use the word perfect in describing other reasons why we don’t pursue our passions and our dreams. The timing isn’t perfect. The economy isn’t perfect…etc., etc., etc.

LISTEN UP PEOPLE. We are human beings, and as such we are fallible. We learn through our experience. We learn what works, and we learn what doesn’t work. Very few of the things in our world, that we consider perfect, came out that way the first time. As matter of fact, there is very little in our world that is not being constantly improved upon.

So let’s forget about perfection. Let’s just try our best, learn from our mistakes and our successes, and get on with life. Accept yourself as you are…you are perfectly imperfect.

We came here to experience and learn. Very little learning would come from instant perfection. That’s the whole point of life. The next time you strive for perfection…stop…let yourself remember that good enough is good enough…and things will probably be more good enough the next time around.

"The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection."

~ George Orwell

Where do you stand on perfection? Do you embrace it, or do you reject it as a fallacy of our times? Leave a comment and let the community know what you think. We’re listening.




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