Where Do I Stand On: Rules


Rules“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

~Dr. Seuss

Rules are one of the main ways that out society regulates itself. Follow the rules and you will fit in. Follow the rules and you will stay out of trouble. Follow the rules and you will be rewarded.

Where do I stand on rules? That's a good question, and it brings up a few things that I feel need to be considered when dealing with our societal rules.

First of all, what are rules? For the purposes of this post, to me they are constructs that define acceptable behavior within the situation to which they are applied. Operating outside of these rules is frowned upon by those who follow our societal norms.

Who decides upon and defines the rules? It seems to be our society is guided by rules that are put in place by people of influence. When you examine the societal norms or rules for our society, you may notice that they have a distinct advantage to certain groups of people. Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch of the imagination, but most of the rules we are taught to play our lives by, most of the rules that we are taught to obey, are rules that keep us in our place. These rules have an overall effect of limiting our growth and expansion.

What are the reasons for the rules? What is it that prompted them in the first place? These are tough questions to answer. As far as I can tell, rules come from when somebody (usually someone of influence) doesn’t like something, so they decide to make a rule to keep it from happening. This thing they don’t like might actually be something that might benefit others…something that allows us to grow and enjoy our lives…but that would put people on a level playing field, and that means a loss of power and advantage for the elite…so let’s make rules to keep that from happening. (Yes, I know this is a bit…okay…a lot, cynical…but there you have it.)

So...taking the above questions, and my answers to them, into consideration, where do I stand on rules?

Let’s just say that I’m not in favour of them. I feel that they are put in place to give advantage to a few, keeping the masses where they are…with only hopes of living the life they are meant to live…

Now don’t get me wrong…I am not talking about chaos here. I am talking about neglecting the limiting societal norms. I am talking about forgetting about all the rules that say “you shouldn’t do this” or “you shouldn’t try that”…because you might fail and then you will feel bad. I am not talking about abandoning what you think is right, I’m not talking about breaking laws…but don’t let the “rules” tie you down and limit you.

I encourage you to take a look at your beliefs. I encourage you to look at what might happen if you stopped believing the limiting factors put forth by society. Try it out for a bit. Sure you’re going to upset a few…or a lot…of people…but so what. You are here to make the best of your life…and that isn’t done by following what somebody else has deemed the right path.

Stop trying to fit in. You were made to stand out. Go forth and live your life on your terms. You will be surprised by what that can introduce into your life. You will be amazed at the possibilities that it opens up for you.

I know I take a hard line on rules. I’m interested to know what you think…either for or against me and my point here. I’d really like to have some discussion on this, so please leave a comment and we’ll see where that takes us.




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