Why “PERSONAL” Significance?

“Each of us has a significant place in the tapestry of the world's story. The Creator, created it so. When we are misplaced or displaced from our singular significance—from fear, lack of integrity, playing small—the entire world is deficient. Each human being's expressive contribution is essential and impactful—including yours. So, Shine!”

LaShaun Middlebrooks Collier

Over the last while I have been asked by several people why I have chosen to use the term “personal significance.” Why not just significance?

I chose the You, Unlimited Mission, “helping people to discover their true inner selves and pursue their potential by living a life of personal significance,” for good reason. You see, “personal significance” is all that is important to you, to me, to anyone.

Let’s start by taking a look at something that will put our lives and their importance in perspective. Watch the video below. When you are done, you will understand my starting point when I developed my mission.

As you can see, we are but an infinitesimal part of the Universe. Do you feel that anything you might do would have any kind of lasting effect on such vastness? Do you feel that anything you might do would have any lasting effect on humans around the globe? Of course, the ripples that emanate from your life will have far reaching effects, and each of us will have influence on the Universe in many ways, but by the time our effect is noticeable, we will have long passed from this world.

And thus, my reason for encouraging people to live a life of personal significance. Personal significance is all that we have. We may not have visible effects on much of what we know and see, but we can have an effect on ourselves. We can live our lives to make us happy. We can follow our passions and live as examples to all, demonstrating the importance of living in our world and making it the best place that we can.

Helping HandWe may feel, at times, that we have a large influence on the lives of others, or that others are having a large influence on our lives. This is short lived, and soon all is forgotten or at least pushed to the background as we get on with the daily business of living our lives. You would stop worrying about what others think of you if you knew how seldom they do.

You can, and do, however, have permanent influence over one life…that of your own. You have the choice on how you live your life. You have the choice on how you feel and react, how you respond to the situations that you put yourself in. You always have a choice about this, and that choice determines the perspective from which you choose to view the outcomes of everything you do, think, and experience.

I encourage you to take the long perspective. Realize that you are here for a very short time. You are here for a reason. You are here to experience and expand the Universe, and it is through your life that that expansion takes place. But realize that expansion will take place whether you choose to consciously make your choices, or to let things come as they may. No matter what you do, think, and experience, you will expand the Universe and it will never be the same. This is your overarching purpose…expansion.

Considering that the expansion will happen anyway, it is time to stop taking life so seriously. It is time to start enjoying every minute of your life. The consequences of a life lived in fear are no more or less important than the consequences from a life lived in joyous exploration, growth, and expansion of your own human potential. Dream big; live bigger! Live out loud! Your approach to life is your choice.

Life will happen anyway, so why not enjoy it?

So “personal” significance is the only significance that you can and should concern yourself with. Live with vibrant expectation. Live by design. Live as you were meant to live. Enjoy every moment…EVERY MOMENT! This includes the moments of extreme exhilaration, the moments of extreme sorrow, and everything in between. Each situation is a part of the plan. Enjoy every contrast to the fullest.

I am curious to hear what you feel about this. Do you think I am on the right track, or am I just full of it? Leave a comment to let me know where you stand. I appreciate and respect your right to your own opinion on this, and everything else in your world.




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