Word Choice – It is important to me!

Words"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."

~ Robin Williams

The choice of words that I use when telling others about my philosophies is deliberate for the most part. There are certain words that I use, and certain words that I choose not to use.

These word choices are usually replacement words…replacing one word with another. The words are not synonymous, however, but they do carry a similar feel to them, and many people might use the two interchangeably. I choose not to.

I am very deliberate about these choices, and I have trained myself over the last few years, as I was developing my philosophies, to use the word that I feel to be more appropriate…the one that best carries the meaning I intend.

Appreciation vs Gratitude

You will not hear me refer to gratitude when I speak, nor will you usually see it written by me. Instead, I use the word appreciation.

The reason for this choice is that I feel that gratitude is being thankful for something that wasn’t completely expected, something that might I might not necessarily deserve, or be worthy of.

My thought is that I am worthy of everything in my life. I deserve everything I can even dream or conceive of. My worthiness is unquestionable...unwavering. Thus, there is no room for gratitude in my life.

Appreciation, on the other hand, to me, means that I am happy that something is in my life. I am happy that it has found its way into my experience. The appreciation that I feel for everything in my life is a true appreciation. It is not just something I say because I feel I should. Not at all…I truly appreciate it all.

Self-development vs Self-improvement

I have never been involved or interested in self-improvement. To me, self-improvement suggests that I am imperfect in some way. It suggests that I need to be fixed…improved upon. I don’t believe this is so.

I do, however, involve myself in many activities that are designed for self-development. Self-development, to me, means that I am changing myself, becoming more than I was…always perfect, but different, more. It is a subtle difference, but I feel it is important.

Contrast vs Problems/Challenges

I don’t have problems or challenges in my life. I feel that problems and challenges suggest negative circumstances or events. I don’t believe there are any negative circumstances or events, nor are there any positive circumstances or events. All things just are, but it is the perspective we look at these things from that makes us feel that we need to judge these things as negative or positive.

I prefer to look at things I don’t necessarily want in my life as contrast. They contrast with what I feel would be the ideal. Thus, there is not really anything wrong, it is just that I prefer things to be different. The contrasts in my life show me what I don’t want, which allows me to know what I do want…and I work toward that. I feel that contrast is a neutral term…not negative or positive.

Perception vs Reality

I don’t believe that what we consider to be “Reality” actually exists, not in the way that we mean it when we say it. I believe that reality is merely a judgement of the circumstances that we are observing.

Perception, on the other hand, suggests that, although what I am experiencing is very real, it is merely a perception that I have developed from long practiced beliefs about the way things are. I can shift my perception, and, although what I am experiencing is exactly the same, the way I think and feel about it can be so totally different that I would be experiencing a “different reality.”

These are just a few examples of the language that I choose to use. I do believe that these choices serve me for the better…but then, that is just perception, right?

Do you feel that our choice of word is important? Leave a comment and let the community know if you agree or disagree. Do you have any other examples you would like to share?




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