Work – Life Balance

Balance"Man maintains his balance, poise, and sense of security only as he is moving forward."

~ Maxwell Maltz

Recently I have heard a lot about "Work/Life Balance." Although I understand what is meant by the phrase (I think), I am confused about why the phrase exists at all.

My question is, how does one leave life to go to work? Do people stop living at work? Is it that "work" is such drudgery or such hardship that people feel like they are dead when they are there? Is it that people feel their contribution through their "work" is so insignificant that they might as well be dead? Do people feel so uninspired when "working" that they don't feel there is any life in them?

I would like to propose that if any of these statements are true for you, that you are doing the wrong thing in your life (or lack thereof) for work. I have no separation between my life and my work. My work is part of my life. My work is part of the way that I contribute to our society. It is inseparable from my life, as it consumes a good portion of it. In this case, by work, I mean my job. I do many different types of work in my life...and each is an integral part of the whole that makes up my existence on this physical plane.

I believe that this "work/life balance" term is in reference to time spent at your job or business, and time spent away from it. To me this is a ridiculous separation. Your job or business may be your main source of income but that doesn't mean that you should separate it. If you are not thrilled at the prospect of spending the time you do at your present job or business, then, again, you are doing the wrong thing. The income supplied from your "work" helps to fund all parts of your if funding is necessary. This "trading time for money" that most people engage in is not the only way to live your life. So, if you are so unhappy with your "job", I suggest you find another way to live. You are here to be happy.

When you can move away from the "work/life" balance and just have life, then you will truly be living as you intended. You will be doing the things that you are passionate about. You will be following your bliss. Your life will not need "funding" will be open and available to you.

The secret is to be happy. I know, I know, not much of a secret...especially now that I have told you...but we are truly on this earth to be happy. Happiness, as I have said many, many times before is a choice. It is not something that can be attained through the having of things or circumstances. It is something that comes from within, and it does not require any external conditions.

Follow your passions. Let them show you the way to live the life that you intend for yourself. Don't get bogged down in the "unliving" of a job or business. When you are pursuing your passions, you are accomplishing your purpose...and when you are accomplishing your purpose, you are doing your part to expand the Universe in ways that you intended.

The Universe will expand no matter what you do...and you will be doing your part to expand it, but I suggest that you will find the path so much more enjoyable if you expand the Universe deliberately...make your life your "work." When you do, the balance takes care of itself.

Leave a comment and let the community know if you are living as you intended or if you are one of those who must find a "work/life balance." What will you do to move in the direction you desire?




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