Your dream is not your destination…it is merely the reason to undertake YOUR journey

Journey Begins"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it."

~ Greg Anderson

Do you have a huge dream? You know…the kind of dream where you feel the end result will be the ultimate! You would have everything. Stop and think about that for a moment. If that was everything…the ultimate…then you might as well die when you get there. There would be nothing left to pursue.

Thank goodness that humans aren’t wired that way. When you accomplish something you sometimes bask for a bit in the glory of having achieved it, then you start looking around for something more…a new destination comes into sight.

Usually we don’t eve bask in the glory. Why? Because as we move toward our dream, we are taking the next logical step toward it. We get used to the way things are from that new place, and then take the next step. The last step often just seems like the next logical step. And we often pass right by that “huge” dream without even noticing that it has been achieved. It is not until we spend some time in contemplative reflection of our journey that we realize we have passed the dream by.

The destination is not the important part. It is the journey. It is the growth and expansion that we experience as we make our way toward, through, and beyond that dream. In pursuing the dream, we are drawn through experiences, we meet people, we have thoughts, all which enrich our lives in so much more profound ways than anything we could have planned. The journey is the important part…but we would not embark upon that journey without a reason…without that “huge” dream.

As you spend time along your journey, you experience what we in the know like to call “LIFE.” Yes, you will experience life as you move toward the things that are driving you. Not just life…but YOUR life. Your own personal version of reality. You will have a completely unique set of experiences while you are on this physical plane. You will expand the Universe each time you identify something that you want…you expand the Universe each time you choose a direction to move in…you expand the Universe each time you set your sights and begin moving. AND the Universe expands you by giving you what you are looking for – usually in a completely different form than you could ever have imagined…which brings on a whole new set of circumstances and contrasts to help you move forward from there.

Each time you achieve something, whether it be the next logical step, or a quantum leap, it brings forth from you a whole new way of looking at things. It brings for a whole new set of desires. It brings for a whole new array of possibilities for you to choose from. Your journey continues from every moment…and each point on that journey could be considered a destination…but the destination is not important…the journey is what you are after.

The path up the mountain does not lead only to the top, but to every point along the path.

Enjoy your journey. Love your life and what it is. Not keep your eyes focused not only on the “destination,” but also on where you are, and once in a while look at where you have come from. Often a bit of reflection back through your life will show you how unlimited you truly are.

What is your destination? Where is the journey caused by that destination taking you? Leave us a comment and let the community know what you think about this.





Your dream is not your destination…it is merely the reason to undertake YOUR journey — 2 Comments

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