Your Dreams are Yours for a Reason

Dreams and Goals


“Dreams are illustrations...from the book your soul is writing about you.”

~ Marsha Norman

Have you ever wondered where your dreams come from? Why are you inspired to pursue certain dreams and goals? Those dreams are given to you by your soul because you are exactly the right person to accomplish them. Those dreams will help you live a life that is full of growth and purpose. It is your part in expanding the universe. What you dream of will mesh together seamlessly with all the dreams and goals of everyone else in the world. As we accomplish them, our goals combine to create something that never existed before.

Your soul is writing the book of you. Your part in the creation and expansion of the universe is important, and it will forever be recorded so its value will never be lost. Your soul doesn’t write fiction, so get out there and pursue those dreams, and give your soul even more to write about.


What will be included in the next chapter of the Book of You?




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